• Home Phone Service From Nett-Tell LLC

  • Posted on September 25, 2016
  • Most people who sign up for Nett-Tell LLC phone service are pleasantly surprised that everything about their home phone service seems the same; everything works as it did before. That’s the whole idea. Nett-Tell LLC believes that saving money on phone service is only a good deal if you receive the same level of service. The only real difference between Nett-Tell LLC and your local phone company is the cost. They use VoIP telephone service, which routes calls over the Internet, rather than over hard phone lines, so they save a lot of money on building and maintenance, which they pass on. You simply attach your home phone to a box that connects to your broadband router. You use the same phone and dial numbers the same way you always have and the person you call has no idea that anything has changed.

    Nett-Tell LLC is a leader in the business of low-cost home telephone service. Not only are all domestic calls unlimited and free of long distance charges, but there is a great chance that Nett-Tell LLC will be the greatest phone service you have ever had.

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